Rebranding headshot session

Life is about change….


Life is all about change and evolving and how does one do that in the business world? First step for me is rebranding. I’m proud to launch my new website and invite you to view it to see what I’ve been working on.
During my rebranding process I’ve been working with a well known International Law of Attraction Business Coach Dana Smithers, who I also had the pleasure of photographing last month. She wanted a new headshot as she is also rebranding her business. We worked with Image Strategist Patti Morrison at the session. Working with Dana has been an amazing experience for me. Her Law of Attraction coaching is just what I needed to reboot my business


What is rebranding and why is a new headshot important during this process?
Rebranding is the creation of a new look and feel for an established product in order to differentiate the product from its competitors. Rebranding efforts may include a name change, new logo or packaging and updated marketing materials. A new headshot will really help you to raise your professional profile and show you mean business. It’s important to invest in yourself and show case your personality.Working with a professional photographer will help you get these desired results.